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Webcast with Louix – 3 Jul 2014

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Questions Answered:

  1. I am very afraid of getting pregnant. This fear is from childhood. It is almost 3 years since my marriage. Right now, I am 29 years old. I want to become pregnant but this fear does not let me do so. How do I let go of this fear? Please help me.
  2. I took part in the 2011/2012 New Year’s Eve Retreat in Sedona. During one session we had with You, one person spoke about a deer coming up to them. You asked the assembly for a show of hands as to how many of us had had deer approach them. I was one of those. On one occasion four deer came racing towards me and came to a sudden halt within three meters of me. You asked if anyone knew of the significance of the deer, what message it was giving us. Several people gave different answers but none was the one You wished for. You then gave your explanation. Periodically since then I have wanted to remember what it was You said and it has bothered me not knowing. Could you please refresh my memory about the message the deer has for all of us?
  3. I would like to hear You cover the subject of out of body experiences.  What are they like and how are they done?
  4. A couple of months ago, I got to know a man who I developed strong romantic feelings for. What started out on a high note turned more into a friendship rather than a romantic relationship. Unfortunately we don’t share the same feelings for each other. This situation brings up lots of control issues, anger, hurt, and rejection for me. I also experience possessiveness and jealousy around him, which I find very hard to deal with. All these emotions are usually the result of low self-worth, powerlessness, and not owning up to self. Would You be able to give me some further insights and ideas how best to approach this and what I can do in order to heal these wounds? Thank you.
  5. I used to be full of energy and enthusiasm, but since going through menopause I feel a lack of energy and enthusiasm. I have to force myself to move. I just want to sit still and do nothing, which is very unlike me. Can You help me to see what is going on?
  6. I have been smoking cigarettes again, on and off, after having quit for many years, but am at the point now where it has become a habit again. I know when I began smoking again I was desperate to avoid feeling really intense feelings of loss, grief, and rejection. I know that inside me I have had a lot of anger, and stubbornness. I have since created situations which have pushed me into feeling the much of emotion I was trying to avoid feeling, and my heart has often felt utterly broken as the emotions come up. Still I am smoking. Can You please give me some insight into what is really underneath my choosing such self-destructive behaviour?
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