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Webcast with Louix – 19 Jun 2014

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Questions Answered:

  1. I just listened to Your video on gratefulness and creating oneness, thank you.  Towards the end of the video You say avoiding pain creates pain. What do You mean by this?
  2. I understand that everything in our world is a reflection of us. I am trying my best to care for my elderly parents and am finding things extremely difficult with two older sisters who seem only to want my downfall at any cost. What advice would you give me? I am being devalued and mentally find it too much when caring for my parents itself is enough to deal with. One sister is hard and cold emotionally, and the other winds my mother up and escalates her fear of money, etc. As I write this, I am asking myself where I do this? Is this the key?
  3. I caught myself becoming increasingly less reliant on my own inner knowing and increasingly more reliant on asking my teacher for guidance/answers. I always received answers, but the more I asked the less I trusted myself. I suppose I became lazier, asking my teacher instead of myself, whenever an important life decision needed to be made, or whenever a doubt or fear entered my mind about something or someone in my life. Do You have anything to say on this front? Should my teacher/guru have called me on this, have sensed that I was becoming complacent as to my own inner knowing because of my ability to receive answers from the outside? A part of me felt at some point that I started to ask my teacher for answers out of superstition—thinking that if I followed my inner feelings without checking with my teacher first, I might make a mistake, which contributed to the failure to trust my own inner knowing.  All guidance is much appreciated.  Thank You.
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