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“A World United” Meditation (Free Gift)

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“A World United” Meditation

In the face of the countless and ongoing tragedies, suffering, and madness in the world at this time, which so many have been finding increasingly difficult to endure, spiritual Master Louix Dor Dempriey gives us all a profound gift—one that is not to be missed.

In this one-hour recording, Louix guides the listener through a sublime meditation and rite of passage that not only provides a much-needed vision of hope and promise—evoking an enduring sense of peace and equanimity within—but which also will bring about actual and profound change in the world.

If you, like so many, are wondering, “But what can I do to help effect change in the world?”… Watch and/or listen to this recording. As Louix reminds us: 

All it takes is one.

Music by Jeff Clarkson

A World United

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