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Webcast with Louix – 27 Jun 2013

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Questions Answered:

  1. What is darshan and what are its effects? I have read a lot about what darshan is, and have even experienced the effects of darshan with You. I have struggled to giveĀ  a simple explanation of what darshan is when I talk to my friends and family. Would you please give a concise explanation of darshan and its effects?
  2. I am a middle-aged, bisexual man who has struggled to accept his “gay” side and have repressed a lot of my feelings about being gay. I stammer in my speech and even my body movements are not free flowing. What effects do repressed feelings have on the way you move and speak? Considering so many people in Western society have repressed feelings (especially about sexuality), how would this affect a society in the way people treat each other?
  3. I have been meditating regularly for over 30 years now, and ever since the beginning, I have had a very difficult time visualizing anything in my third eye, even during a guided meditation where I am asked to visualize things. Many people I know can easily see colors, shapes, faces, entire scenes and scenarios during meditation. I have found if I concentrate in a particular way during meditation, I have been able to visualize the color purple and occasionally some other colors, but I find the other colors more difficult to conjure. I feel like I am missing out on a lot and would like Your advice. Is the ability to visualize in meditation an important skill for me to develop? If so, how can I best nurture my growth in this area? Thanks for any guidance You can offer.
  4. Recently an Ayurvedic Doctor suggested I start the practice of oil pulling, swishing unrefined organic sesame oil back and forth in my mouth for about 20 minutes a day, to detoxify my blood. I am wondering what your take on this practice is and if you feel it is beneficial?
  5. Recently I became aware of the very real possibility of having parasites in my intestinal tract and/or internal organs. I am wondering what you suggest to do to rid myself of these both physically and non-physically?
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