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Webcast with Louix – 11 Jul 2013

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Questions Answered:

  1. How much spiritual practice would you recommend as a minimum standard to accelerate my path amongst the business of life? Is it true that if I went to an ashram, say Your’s, which would be the most ideal option, or say a meditation retreat in India full time where I dedicated myself for a year, how much increase in growth would you expect to see in percent terms? I know it would be different for every soul, but do you have a general barometer to go by?
  2. How good is the pranic breathing that you teach for my lungs and asthma? I would obviously believe that it is transformational and I can feel that already, but can you break it down for me on how it does improve these areas? Also how much pranic breathing would you recommend to do a day and for how long? Is it better to breathe through my nose or mouth?
  3. What’s Your advice on drawing a line in the sand with family members in terms of not being treated right even though they are family? If a friend did the same in this particular instance I would demonstrate most likely a love you and leave you approach, but in the instance of your family tree, it’s a God-inspired lineage and we chose these members before we came to earth, as you teach and I believe this also, so what is Your advice here? Do we draw the line in the sand as poignantly as we do with friends and demonstrate a tough love approach, or should we demonstrate a stronger level of tolerance and compassion and forgiveness to family members as these are good teachers anyways for our journey here on earth?
  4. When I properly met with You on the recent retreat and had some personal one on one time, what I noticed is how normal, very humorous, and worldly You can be, my question is are You reflecting my personality every time we meet and conducting Yourself in terms of best serving my character at that particular time, and if so do You do this with everyone you meet, or is this just Your personality archetype?
  5. How do I know that I am making progress on my spiritual path?
  6. When You were in your training, what was the most difficult test that You faced, and how did You get through it?
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