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Webcast with Louix – 18 Jul 2013

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Questions Answered:

  1. What was Your relationship with Your Masters like? How did you relate to them when they were not embodied?
  2. I really love my job as a PA. It is by far the best job I’ve had, the most lovely people, and I’m learning a lot quickly. This year when I came back from the USA seeing You, my workload and responsibilities increased significantly, very suddenly. While I feel really grateful and see it as a sign that I’ve grown and God is entrusting me with more, I also find myself so busy a lot of the time that I barely think of God (or much else except the tasks I have to complete) and where I used to spend a lot of time connecting with people there, I’m now hardly leaving my desk. I feel I get caught up. Where I used to easily sit in the park at lunch and take time for breathing, I find it has been much harder. Especially recently as I’ve been in a fair amount of all day meetings or one after another. How do I expand my consciousness with this service at work (not to mention at home), and be like You: at peace, in constant communion, with perspective and not get caught up when I’m spending so many hours in it all, especially when there is no time to take a walk or have a proper lunch hour?
  3. I just realized from watching one of Your videos that I have a particularly powerful belief-system that my past mistakes are unforgivable.  I suffer from a generalized sense of guilt that is almost always with me in some form. No matter how much I tell myself that everything is forgivable, I am haunted by guilt and anxiety.  What is the best way to finally purge this belief system?
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