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Webcast with Louix – 20 Jun 2013

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Questions Answered:

  1. My husband of 30 years died four-and-a-half years ago. For three years I wasn’t able to do any gardening apart from basic lawn mowing – just wasn’t interested – and many other things also fell away. I had been experiencing many different types of grief long before his death. I am still experiencing grief at this final parting. I have heard you say that it is possible to deal with one’s grief quickly by going deep into it, however, it seems new aspects always come up, which have me grieving and crying yet again and inhibit my wish to move on with my life. Can you shed some light on this for me, please?
  2. There is a sense within me that feels like all things that would motivate me to “do” are falling away.  It is a confusing place to find myself with a lack of personal motivation.  What motivates one when all personal drive, desires, goals, aspirations, etc. disappear?  It can trigger a sense of fear of not knowing who or what you will become or how you will be moved.  Could you please help to ease this sense of fear about becoming this nothingness?  Thank you for Your loving guidance through these new and strange experiences.
  3. Is there a way to prevent or lessen illness or physical symptoms due to receiving intense amounts of Light or is that just simply part of the  process of purification?  Although I feel as surrendered as possible on the conscious level, is it due to an unconscious resistance that I am experiencing these discomforts?
  4. Could You please give us your perspective on what is commonly known as laziness? I try not to judge people or myself anymore, but I have always had a tendency to enjoy doing nothing, and to much prefer it rather than working, whether professionally, or domestically. Ever since I was a kid, I always preferred to sit and daydream with my feet on the table than clean my room or do my homework. So much so that, unless my parents really insisted, I just stayed seated and didn’t do the required chores. Of course it continued as an adult and the best moment of the day is generally when the work is done, and the time for relaxing finally is here. This has often led me to doing less than what was required and later on paying the consequences. I guess the key is to find a way to make my tasks fun, and I’m consciously working at transforming my approach to it. I’d love Your insights on this.
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