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Webcast with Louix – 23 May 2013

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Questions Answered:

  1. How can I know what my spiritual mission is all about?
  2. How can I get to know my soul?
  3. What causes the problem of alcoholism? What causes it to arise in the alcoholic’s spirit?
  4. My wife and I are thinking about trying to conceive our first child.  Do you have any advice for the most graceful way to go through this process?
  5. I run two businesses which are very demanding of my time, I volunteer with my church, and I try to take some time to exercise my body and stay fit.  My wife is upset that I do not spend enough time at home with the family.  I really try find balance between all of these demands, but I feel like it is hopeless, that I will never be able to do it.  How can I find a way to be as balanced and harmonious as possible?  How will I know if I am in balance?  What do I do if I am in balance but my wife still feels like I am not spending enough time at home?
  6. Is it wrong to want to look good and be attractive to the opposite sex (or same sex if that is your preference)? How do You define vanity?  How do you know the difference between wanting to look attractive and being vain (if there is any difference)?
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