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Webcast with Louix – 22 Mar 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have in the past been quite wary towards any man that I may have felt attracted to. I know it was because of my issues: my fears, cultural beliefs, my judgments about men, and my marriage that ended in divorce years ago. Now, I really feel attracted to a man whom I see at work. About 6 months ago on returning from an overseas trip he said he has a girl friend, a woman he met while travelling. This made it more comfortable for me to talk to him, I felt safe, and I have become increasingly fond of him. The relationship that I have with this man opens my heart and I feel more loving. Where do I go from here? Do I need to tell him how I feel?
  2. One of Your teachings is to approach life with a consciousness of: “It is all up to me.” I endeavour to follow this principal and to ask God what it is that He would like me to do, but I find that I am always feeling responsible about everything all the time.  I then spread myself too thin, in what feels like a constant battle to get my list of things done. I either become exhausted, or when I do pull back, I feel overwhelmed by guilt and judge myself as being selfish and lazy. How can I find more balance in my life and deal with these negative emotions?
  3. For the past week or so, my newborn baby has cried inconsolably after having breast milk. She is in so much pain not being able to bring up wind, even though I burp her after feeding. I find this very distressing as she sometimes will cry and scream for 2-3 hours non-stop. Sometimes I feel so helpless I feel like I am failing her as a mother; other times, I feel furious that she won’t stop. I am constantly looking at why she is crying for me–what am I in pain about. I cry constantly, feeling as much as I can so she doesn’t have to take it on for me. When I get to the bottom of an issue and have a big cry about it, resulting in a shift in my consciousness, she does stop crying for a period of time, but then she starts crying again and the cycle continues. If You have any advice for me, Guruji, I would be most grateful.
  4. I have had a tendency to become very emotionally attached to people and feel devastated when they leave. It feels to me like our relationship will never be the same again and I find myself putting up a wall and withdrawing. I’m aware that because I withdraw, I’m sabotaging the relationship. How can I create healthy relationships where I can truly love another without this pattern playing out?
  5. My daughter is coming of age very quickly, and I want to be able to talk to her about sex and sexuality, but I was never told by my parents about sex and do not really know how to go about initiating the conversation.  I feel that this is very important to do, and I am afraid that I will make a mistake.  Do You have any advice on how to go about this?
  6. Do some people only have a certain amount of time that they’re supposed to be with You in this embodiment and that’s as far as they are going to go in this life and when they move on all is as it should be, or is there always some resistance that’s causing them to leave?
  7. I really like to sing and to be involved in devotional singing.  Is it possible to become enlightened just through devotional singing?
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