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Webcast with Louix – 5 Apr 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. I remember you saying that when invited to eat with others who are not vegetarian, there is more karma created by declining to eat the food provided than by accepting what is offered gladly.  I have experienced this when visiting my relatives for a period of several weeks. I decided to  cook my own food, as my health was not the best and I felt this was the only way I could cope with the situation.  At mealtimes, I would get complaints and abuse.  I will be returning to visit these families and would like your advice as to how to proceed so as to be able to have both the others and myself at ease and not compromise my own health.
  2. This year I have been creating people I love physically leaving my life. I realise this is a pattern from my childhood and that it is my childhood pain being re-stimulated every time someone goes (which is why it feels so huge). I am finding it really difficult and I feel frustrated and at times unwilling to keep being vulnerable and letting people deeply into my heart. The people I have let in the most and have been most vulnerable with, are the ones I am creating leaving (for various reasons), and it feels excruciating. God asks me to lay myself bare and be naked and defenceless, yet I feel torn apart. How do I keep baring my soul and opening my heart when I feel so terrified of being hurt… and when I create my worst fears playing out?
  3. I am aware that there are great benefits of fasting one day per week – on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. Yet, when the day I’ve designated to fast on comes around, my mind is all too easily able to convince me that it doesn’t matter if I don’t fast, as there is always next week. I want to eat even when I am not hungry. How can I regain the inspiration and discipline I need to fast one day per week?
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