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Webcast with Louix – 22 Jul 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. Are there people on the planet who have incarnated as dolphins? I had a vivid dream that I was a dolphin prior to this incarnation. Is that possible? Is there a special connection between humans and dolphins?
  2. I have heard that crystals help us. I do not feel anything when I touch or hold them, so how do they help?
  3. I have heard that many people are living very conflicted and confused because they feel like they are a male living in a female body and vice versa. Can You please enlighten me on this?
  4. Are You able to assist and guide me in the next stage(s) of my journey after I have left my earthly body? If so, how?
  5. Can I assist someone after they have passed over?  (Particularly if they have had little or no spiritual affiliation during their earthly walk?)  If so, how?
  6. Since You are my Guru, if I do reincarnate, is it a “given” that I will be with You again? If so, how will I find You?
  7. What is the quickest way to overcome my fears?
  8. How much consciousness do plants have? My son has been refined by others in the past for pulling leaves and flowers off plants. I have heard that they do feel a level of pain. How does pruning and the cutting of flowers for arrangements affect the plant?
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