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Webcast with Louix – 5 Aug 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. Will making positive affirmations of truth before I go to sleep and asking You for help, assist me to anchor the truth when I am awake?
  2. When I have been in your presence I have felt myself “emptied” of physical pain and emotional turmoil. How do You do this? Do You take the pain unto Yourself or is it an act of grace that absolves me of my pain?
  3. Recently we have had so many teenagers driving fast and dangerously, often killing themselves and others. What is the underlying cause/reason for this behavior?
  4. Is it possible to ever fully recover from the loss of a loved one?
  5. You have mentioned previously that white sugar is more harmful to the body than most recreational drugs. Can You please expand on this?
  6. Why do we have an aura—what is it? How are we affected if/when it is damaged?
  7. How does God view suicide?
  8. What does meditation actually do?
  9. It is obvious to me that we as a species have been contributing a lot of damage to the earth and that humans tend to enjoy suffering and hurting one another. Sometimes I find myself experiencing fear when I think about how much worse things need to get before they will get better and humanity as a collective will choose love. What can I do to overcome this fear? I understand intellectually that all is perfect but it doesn’t always help.
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