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Webcast with Louix – 2 Sep 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. As fossil fuels decrease, transport will be affected. What can we do to help bring forth the solutions to this?
  2. I have also heard that people chant Mantra’s all the time. How is this possible? If you did this how would you get anything done?
  3. When I sit and meditate all I get is mind chatter, so how is this helping me?
  4. How can I be on a spiritual path when I have a husband and children to care for? Isn’t it easier to be alone and have the least ties as possible in order to focus on God?
  5. I have struggled greatly with low self-esteem issues. I am aware that learning to love myself unconditionally is of paramount importance on the spiritual path. How can I let go of self-judgment and self-condemnation?
  6. Will you please explain for me the meaning of “Armageddon” and “The Second Coming?”
  7. There are times when my heart is wide open and I feel so connected to my true self. However, these are brief and then I feel very separate. How can I keep my heart open all the time? Is it simply a matter of choosing to?
  8. I would like know how I can overcome feelings of guilt.  My conscience is troubled by things that most people would not consider important; my mistakes and shortcomings hurt me very deeply.  I have many health problems and other difficulties, and I realized recently that I believe I do not deserve to be happy, so I think I am creating these problems to punish myself.  How can I stop this and heal my life?
  9. What does a relationship look like when living in alignment with The Divine, and are there any role models in today’s society who are living in accordance with The Divine Romance?
  10. I have listened to your discourse on Tithing, and the teaching really resonates with me. One thing though, I understand that we should tithe to that which sources us the most; does that mean we should send our tithe directly, say, to the Pope? or to his local church that I attend?
  11. Where I work there is a very high number of people who beg for money on the street. Some want money for alcohol, some for drugs, some for food also. I often feel a dilemma. I usually do not feel good if I do not give people something. However, if I do give them money, I also usually do not feel good. As I am often short of money myself, it is often not really an option to hand out money. Some people I really feel for and want to give to them, other times I feel frustrated with all the begging on the street and want to avoid these people. I know that I have issues with creating abundance in my own life, often I struggle to earn enough to pay for even basic living expenses. How can I stop feeling torn when I see people begging on the street, and how can I stop my own financial struggles? Would You generally advise for or against giving money to people who are begging?”
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