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Webcast with Louix – 9 Sep 2010

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Questions Answered:

The webcast begins with a discourse on the Year of Adoration.

  1. I have a fear of change and feel very unsafe when I am outside of my comfort zone; yet I know that it is only through the willingness to change that we evolve. How do I overcome this resistance?
  2. There are many spiritual practices. If You had to name the single most powerful practice, what would it be?
  3. I have been practicing meditation for nearly 20 years now and when I “zone out” I am not sure whether I am experiencing another level of consciousness (it often feels very peaceful) or whether I am just falling asleep. If I am just sleeping, how best can I move through this resistance?
  4. Is there a specific energetic process that You would suggest to break habits such as biting finger nails?
  5. What are some of the Divine practices and guidelines in maintaining a healthy partnership so both parties can live in harmony within themselves and each other?
  6. I have loved a partner very deeply, and I thought, unconditionally, yet this partner has consistently severely abused me (e.g. stealing my stuff to sell to buy drugs). How does one unconditionally love such a partner? What more can I do to help him, myself, and my children (one of which he fathered)? He leaves jail in a few months, and I feel very nervous about what will happen then.
  7. What is the most direct path to God?
  8. I hear people call you many different names:  Louix, Pranananda, Guruji, Master, etc.  Do you have a preference in what people call you?  Do you feel different energy in the varied ways that people address you or are they all the same to you?  Can someone call you “Guruji” if they are not a Disciple?
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