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Webcast with Louix – 21 Nov 2019

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Louix begins with toning.  

Questions Answered:

  1. Is becoming a healer a natural product of doing intense spiritual practice? I know my abilities as a healer have increased due to my persistence to heal myself.
  2. Some people say we only use 4-6% of our brain’s capacity. How do we use more? I know by playing music it has made my brain work better, and that by doing speed reading exercises I can read faster. Do these activities actually get me to use more of my brain? Are spiritual practices the only way to unlock the potential of what is in one’s brain? Is the evolution of consciousness related to unlocking the potential in one’s brain?
  3. As a child I learned to live without love, which was hugely damaging and was largely the cause of several suicide attempts in early adulthood. To me the concept of receiving love from God seems so abstract and intangible. How do I learn to get all the love I need from God when I have no frame of reference for what love feels like?
  4. Intense prayer, singing devotional songs, meditation, and yogic practices can all unlock deeply buried, intense emotions. You could argue that unlocking these emotions is part of the purpose of these activities. You teach many ways of transmuting these emotions, and even ways of understanding them. Why is that not common for all spiritual teachers and religions? 
  5. Dearest Pranananda, here in Australia (and most probably the world) we are having large corporations attempting to set up or extend their operations. Many of these companies have a negative environmental impact for our planet. Could you please explain the spiritual significance of this and what can we do as individuals do to help our planet?
  6. I know it is best to be authentic to oneself and am interested in your views on cosmetic surgery. When should cosmetic surgery be avoided?
  7. I have a lot of financial debt at the moment, which I have incurred by changing jobs and moving to another country. I know this change is for my highest good, and I had put aside enough money for the move, yet it took a while to gain a work visa which caused me to have higher costs than I had planned for. I believe this debt accrued because of an innate desire to sabotage the move, and karmically the debt is the price I now pay for my resistance to moving (which was and is God’s will). On the 3-D I will work to pay off the debt. What else can I do to clear this karma?
  8. On a previous webcast you answered a question stating that is was possible to become enlightened in this lifetime even if they were 41 and had undisciplined ways of being. Yet in another webcast you stated that it may not be God’s will for one to become enlightened in this lifetime. Would you please clarify this?
    Also, it in God’s will (thus possible) for me to become enlightened in this particular embodiment, as I, too, feel that I have many less-than-loving and undisciplined ways of being.
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