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Webcast with Louix – 5 Dec 2019

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Louix begins with toning Oms followed by a 5-minute silent transmission.

Questions Answered:

  1. How does one fulfil one’s destiny, dharma, duties, and ‘desires’ without being controlling? How does the interplay of effort versus allowing affect the experience of this?
  2. I have had a deep resistance to doing the paperwork for my finances, and it has cost me quite a lot of money. Why would I sabotage myself so greatly when the effort to get up to date with my paperwork is not even that hard?
  3. Media today provides many images of “the perfect body”, or “the most glamorous lifestyle” and young people are bombarded with these in movies, magazines, and online. Many of these images have been doctored to look perfect. What is the best way to approach pre-teens and youth to help them view these images in a balanced way, so they can avoid comparing themselves to these unrealistic ideals which would possibly impair their self-worth?
  4. The Bible states “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” Please could you share why it so important to work as part of spiritual practice. I have seen many people give up work to pursue spiritual pursuits, yet in many cases it looked like they were not working so they could just avoid life altogether.
  5. What is grace? Is it a blessing that can help you become healthy, or a boon that can give you favourable circumstances?
  6. Is everyone a healer of some sort? How do you find your healing style? I refer to a healer as someone who helps others to heal their physical, spiritual, or emotional wounds.
  7. I’ve fallen in love with someone and it appears that person may not love me back the way I love them. Whilst there is disappointment I wonder do we always choose who we love, or is it sometimes something that spontaneously arises?
  8. Dear Louix, I am having trouble with my teenager. He hates me and has no respect for me. I recently spent time in hospital having treatment for depression and my son now accuses me of being mentally unwell. When I ask him to not be rude or anything else, he ignores anything I say. He also refuses to help out in the house. I now have a baby and am not working and my son constantly complains that I don’t have enough money, and that the food I prepare is not good enough. His younger brother is now getting involved, so I get out numbered and have constant defiance.The problem is getting worse. It feels like I am in a violent relationship and should leave, but he is my son and I want to help him as he is not ready to leave home. I was kicked out of home at his age as I was rude to my mother, and she pretty much washed her hands of me from then on. I know how damaging that is, and where that leads, and I don’t want the same for him. What should I do?


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