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Webcast with Louix – 21 Jul 2011

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Questions Answered:

  1. 5+ years ago, I purchased a building for my business with the idea that I would start a holistic health center. Since that time, it has been clear to me that I want to live and work more simply and do not want the responsibilities of owning a building, and arranging and working with others’ schedules. My building has now been for sale for 2+ years. I have had some interest and one offer (which was withdrawn because the people could not sell their own house). I have participated in rituals, prayers, energy work, etc., to let go of whatever I need to let go in order to sell this building. I have already been aware of a number of life/spiritual lessons about why I was attracted to this building and wanted this building in my life. They have to do with ego, revisiting and reworking childhood memories, and taking on extra responsibility beyond my limits, and more. What other lessons must I know, and/or actions must I take, to let go of this building and sell it? I do want to continue to do my work, but as a tenant. Since Your darshan and retreat in Racine earlier this month, I have been praying for God’s will.
  2. I have had huge resistance to being open and vulnerable with those around me and have used addictions as substitutes for love and intimacy. I have a mantra to use to help me with this issue. What other tools would you recommend for helping me connect more easily with others and how do I control my addictive urges?
  3. It can be difficult to be in the trappings of the world when we live and work in it. Is there a technique or mantra that can help me stay detached?
  4. My husband and I don’t see eye to eye on many issues especially issues like spirituality and parenting.  I love my husband, but as I move deeper and deeper on my spiritual path we seem to grow further apart.  I am beginning to think that we should separate because our differences seem to be too big and getting bigger.  Is there any way to save my relationship?  Should I place my marital duty before my desire to be in a relationship with someone who shares my spiritual beliefs?
  5. I recently began to have spontaneous “electric” movements, like shaking, during my meditations.  They are quite distracting, but I cannot stop them.  Is this normal?  What should I do?
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