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Webcast with Louix – 18 Aug 2011

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Questions Answered:

  1. I often find myself becoming emotional during my meditations.  Many times I cannot meditate because of these feelings.  I try to feel my feelings at other times, however I have had a hard time accessing them.  I feel torn between my desire to meditate and my desire to feel my emotions. What do you suggest I do?
  2. I have a hard time being organized, and I often forget things.  I feel as if I do this out of anger, as a way of sabotaging my life.  What can I do to break this bad habit and become more grounded and responsible?
  3. My relationship with my daughter was wonderful when she was younger, but since my husband and I separated and now only have partial custody of her, as well as the fact that she just entered puberty, we have a hard time relating and I find that our special relationship is mostly gone.  Is there anything I can do to better bond with my daughter in this new phase of our relationship?
  4. Since I have started on my spiritual path, I have wanted to share You, Guruji, with my parents, husband, and children, but I don’t want to alienate them or preach to them.  What is the best way to share my beliefs and experiences with them?
  5. My sister and I used to share the duties of caring for my elderly mother, but now I have moved away to pursue my spiritual path and my whole family is angry with me.  I feel a tremendous amount of guilt.  Have I done the right thing?  How do I deal with my family’s anger and my guilty feelings?
  6. What happens when we sleep at night?  Are dreams just the ego working things out to its own satisfaction?  Is there any real insight that comes through dreams? What is happening with the body when we sleep?  Is it truly resting or is it continuing its full function in a more relaxed state without all the turmoil of the mind awake?
  7. We feel an increasing inner call to move from Tasmania to mainland Australia, to a warmer climate and a place where we could grow fruit and vegetables all year round. Some years ago You spoke of a new community which would develop somewhere interstate. Is this still Your vision and where would it be?
  8. I am starting a new job next week and I find myself anxious and worried that I won’t be able to perform my duties.  I know that I am capable of doing the job, but my mind keeps telling me otherwise. I also feel like this job, which is a great deal more work than other jobs I have had previously, will make me so busy that I will not be able to enjoy life anymore.  I need the money and have to take this job, and am hoping to resolve these conflicting feelings before I start.  Any advice?
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