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Webcast with Louix – 25 Aug 2011

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have long had a pattern of blending in with others and compromising myself in countless ways. Lately, I have been experiencing growing resistance to override my own feelings. I realized that I haven’t lived in integrity with myself most of my life. My focus is now to be more conscious of my own feelings and to honor them. I really don’t know how to live this way, when there are visions, projects, and programs initiated from others. My heart doesn’t feel in touch many times with what I am asked to do. There are so many voices within me, tearing me in different directions: love, responsibility, obedience, anger, guilt, fear, obligations, shame, and judgements. How can I find myself, and learn to trust and deepen my inner guidance?
  2. I am reaching retirement age, however I do not have enough money to retire and I am unmarried and without children.  I am worried that I will not have anyone to take care of me as I get older.  What can I do to help this situation?
  3. I have been pursuing my spiritual path for 40 years and have a daily meditation practice that I never miss. I am an active participant and organizer of community service efforts, and I have tried vision boards and special affirmations,  yet I still struggle financially and feel unsupported by the universe when I cannot afford the spiritual retreats and events that I feel called to attend.  This is a lifelong pattern, please help me to change it.
  4. I have recently changed directions in my life to include more prayer, bible study, and service in my church, but since that decision I have had several devastating circumstances:  I became disabled from a back injury, my relationship dissolved, I lost a very large amount of money when the housing market collapsed, and now I am being sued by a past tenant for millions of dollars, and cannot afford the legal costs of defending myself.  It feels like the more spiritual that I become the worse my situation gets.  Why is this happening?  How can I reverse this situation?
  5. My mother currently lives with me.  She was only supposed to live with me for a short time as she transitioned from my home town to where I currently live, so that she could be closer to me.  Over a year has gone by and I am starting to feel uncomfortable in my own home, as she is a homebody and rarely leaves the house.  I have dropped hints and offered to help her go through the process, but nothing is happening. I feel like I cannot use my own house, and I feel resentful of my mother, but I feel guilty telling her that she must move out. What should I do?
  6. I was recently rear-ended on the freeway, however there was no damage to my car, and neither I nor the other driver sustained any injuries.  I have been studying Your teachings and understand that everything happens for a reason, however I cannot figure out why this event happened and what it means, and I cannot stop thinking about it. Can You help me?
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