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Webcast with Louix – 20 Sep 2012

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Questions Answered:

This webcast began with Louix leading an extended meditation entitled “Gaia’s Chakra Cleansing.”

  1. I have recently started taking medication for my inability to focus. I find this medication particularly helpful, especially at work when I have a lot on and need to multi-task. I have several companies that I run and when they come with demands all at once I’m able to focus on the task at hand much more diligently and efficiently, and actually enjoy the challenges a lot more, rather than it being a drag at times. The medication has changed my life in more ways than one: relationships, exercise, attracting what I want, etc. How does God view medication, because I have concerns about my attachment and or dependency to this medication in the long term?
  2. Is there a specific technique or techniques that should be used for meditation? Is it enough that you connect with God alone or is it beneficial to guide yourself to specific contemplations?
  3.  I believe someone in the family is having an affair. Apart from praying for the family concerned, what else can or should I do? Thank You so much for Your time and wisdom.
  4.  I feel as though anger is seen as “bad” and many people cannot handle being around me when I have anger, even when many others around me get angry and express it all the time.  ALL other feelings are encouraged, but I feel as though I am not allowed to have anger around anyone else.  Talking with others about circumstances that have made me feel anger seems to be the main way I process and clear, allowing me to immediately go back into Truth and see things as they truly are.  I am really confused and unsure how to handle this emotion when it surfaces.  I have not yet mastered the ability to foresee when I will get angry and I sometimes feel unable to control that emotion when it arises.  I feel sad and unsupported surrounding this particular emotion that is being flushed up.  Please help me and guide me on this issue.
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