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Webcast with Louix – 4 Oct 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have had many addictions, many of which I have overcome, from seemingly innocuous ones such as T.V. and food, to alcohol, cigarettes, and hard drugs. Years ago I read the following phrase, written by another Master:  “Addiction leads to purity.” These words brought me comfort and inspiration at times when I felt I was beyond hope. Can you please speak about the nature of addiction and how addiction could ultimately lead to purity?
  2. I have been told that vibhuthi has powerful spiritual properties.  In Your experience, what are some good uses for vibhuthi? Can you explain why it is so powerful?
  3. Can you please explain your pranayama technique, and how it works?  How is it different from other forms of pranayama?
  4. Can you please explain what a Guru is and does?
  5. What is projection and how do I avoid it?
  6. What do You say about the War on Drugs? Does it help people to stop taking drugs? Should marijuana be legalized?  I have never taken drugs myself, but I feel for all the children who are subject to drug trafficking when they step out of the house. How can we make a difference for the good of all concerned?
  7. I have heard you speak that “gratitude is the highest form of prayer.” Can You please speak about how complaining affects us, in comparison to being in gratitude?
  8. I had a dream which You were in, Pranananda. It was my habit at that time to sleep each night with a recording of your guided meditation “The Everlasting Covenant” playing.  What happened was, that in a dream or some other altered state I saw You in the room with me and you were going to speak “The Everlasting Covenant” with me, when suddenly I realized that the recording playing was making it difficult to hear what You were saying as you stood in the room. I panicked and jumped up from my bed. You reassured me everything was ok and told me to lie down again, and that was the last thing I remember. So my question is, is it ideal to play such a recording continuously through the night? Every night?
  9. Do people lose their personalities when they reach Enlightenment?
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