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Webcast with Louix – 18 Oct 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. When I moved into Your ashram I was young and I had not even mastered basic living skills. As I have grown as a person and learned things at the ashram, at my day jobs, or just through life, I am finally starting to see that I have things to offer: knowledge, wisdom, ideas, etc. What I am having difficultly with now is now that I feel I have a voice, I have been sharing my ideas and opinions, and where I used to blindly do what I was asked, I’m starting to say “Hey, actually I don’t agree with that,” or, “What about doing it this way?” So there has been a pendulum swing… and now I often don’t want to keep my mouth closed and just obey if there is something I don’t agree with. How do I find mastery here, honoring the input I have to offer while developing the Divine trait of obedience?
  2. Can You please explain how I can best align my consciousness to receive abundance from the Universe?
  3. There are many times in life, when I face a particularly difficult problem, circumstance, or life-pattern, that I feel stuck and unable to move forward.  I want to move through the issue, but I feel as if there is some unseen block that I cannot quite understand.  What is the best way to move forward when I feel so profoundly blocked, as if I am up against a wall and unable to move?
  4. Is it true that, by visiting Your ashrams while You are not physically present, I am receiving You darshan? Is the darshan that I receive as powerful as what I receive at a darshan event?
  5. Can I practice your teachings and still lead a normal life?
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