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Webcast with Louix – 6 Sep 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. I want to hold sacred ceremonies privately in my home as a form of worship, but I feel unclear as to what I should do.  Are there any special ceremonies that You like to do?  Do You use any special mantras or techniques in Your ceremonies? Is there anything You recommend as a resource to help me get started?
  2. Could you comment on the process of applying the Universal Truth “there is nothing outside of self” using the axiom “everything is my fault” as a way of looking more honestly at situations, increasing humility, and avoiding victim consciousness and blame.  Does this approach have any validity, or do You have another suggestion to help consciously re-program minds stuck in victim consciousness?
  3. During what has been described to me as, “my emotional body thawing,” I experienced a flood of negative thoughts, questioning everything I believed to be Universal Truth, my entire path, the existence of God, etc. I couldn’t believe anything anymore, not even myself.  My only saving grace was the thought: “Only Love is real.”  It entered my mind in the midst of all that darkness and when I held that feeling in my heart, I saw you, Guruji. That is what kept me sane and led me through the darkness.  I expected old wounds and feelings to surface, but was thoroughly surprised by the dark thoughts that flooded my mind.  I felt like they were trying to drive me insane, make me run away, or hurt myself.  Could you help explain to me why that happened, why they were so dark, and where they may have come from?  Or could you elaborate more on the process I was experiencing?
  4. I have had a lot of resistance to allowing myself to really shine and be successful in life. How can I let go of old behaviours and beliefs and learn to embrace success and abundance in all areas of life?
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