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Webcast with Louix – 17 Jan 2019

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Louix begins with toning ohms and ends with a few minutes of silence.

Questions Answered:

  1. I have been reading that your children reflect your own childhood issues and trauma. Please could you explain this further and give some guidance on how a parent can responsibly deal with their own issues so as to help avoid the child taking on their trauma or pattern.
  2. The Bible is often referred to as God’s word, but my interpretation is that the Scripture is a person’s interpretation of God’s word. That just like the game Chinese Whispers, the message is tainted by the messenger. Isn’t God’s word what you hear directly from God, rather than that written in a book? Please could you comment on this.
  3. I struggle with loneliness and neediness at times. I work from home and am often alone in my house and don’t have a lot of interaction with the outside world during my working week. We are gregarious creatures by nature and need deep and lasting connection with others in order to survive and thrive, but also I know for me that it’s important that I feel the loneliness and not try to fill every silent moment with interaction with others. Can you help me determine when I should just be alone and just feel the loneliness and when I should reach out to others?
  4. I have been arguing with my Theology professor about Original Sin. My belief is that we are born in God’s image, and are born perfect according to God’s design. I believe that the idea of Original Sin in the Bible is flawed, not God’s Creation. Please could you comment on this.
  5. What tools would you suggest to most quickly help with anxiety in the moment when it comes up?
  6. Dear Louix, what does it mean to truly surrender? How do I know when I have surrendered in any given moment?
  7. My six-year-old daughter seems generally very happy and content. Each night before bed, we speak gratitude for things in our lives and we pray to God, Guru, our angels, etc for protection and sourcing during the night. We generally pray before eating as well. Are there any other particular spiritual practices that you recommend that are important to incorporate into daily life while raising a child of this age?




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