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Webcast with Louix – 10 Jan 2019

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  1. While reading about Hawaiian volcanoes to my son, the subject of Hawaiian deities arose. I found immense emotion quickly rising in me, to the point where tears were instantly running down my face and I couldn’t speak. What would trigger such emotion? Is it memory of a past lifetime and previous connection, or is it a sign for me to delve more deeply into learning about and connecting with these deities?
  2. I haven’t been able to be loyal to anyone or any kind of path. But if our true nature is love, loyalty, and so on, where do I find the key to the door within me that helps me connect to the part of me that is greater love? Is loyalty something you have to work on, or does it come when the spirit feels this is a person/being I want to be loyal to? Some loyalty brings out the deepest humbleness and respect from me without me having to think about it. What is it that controls this?
  3.  I have reached a point now where I no longer want to watch my three children suffer. My new baby is constantly itchy and suffers all the time, and the older boys have very little to do where we live. Our living situation is horrible and I can’t see it improving. Most importantly there is no one who cares how my kids are doing and loves them aside from me. Am I best to just accept life is disappointing and miserable and wait for it to be over? Or does God want us to have a good life as there are billions of people with it worse than me, and at least I have food and shelter?
  4. Dear Louix, My Guru has recently told me that she is still married to an ex-husband even though they have been separated for years. There are no children involved in this relationship. After hearing this, I feel as if my thoughts are treading near a line of judgement and comparison.
    As a student, one of the first things required of me was to temporarily sever ties with partners that I used to date. I am aware that I could be experiencing jealousy due to my own sacrifices for training, but at the same time I am unable to clearly see how being “separated” without divorce, does not count as a form of attachment. Please help clarify this for me.
    My Guru speaks of unconditional love being the greatest love of all. I don’t think I have experienced such a relationship with my previous partners, so I am open to the fact that I could be mistaken, and that I am not understanding the situation properly from lack of personal experience.
  5. I have the belief that in a past life that I was martyred for my spiritual beliefs, where I suffered a very painful death. I know there is a fear in me now that I would suffer again if I commit to openly living my spiritual beliefs. How do I move through and heal this fear?
  6. Recently my dog defecated on my pillow while I was asleep, and this was totally out of character for my dog. In reviewing why I created the situation it was the least means necessary for her to let me know I had not been caring for her, and to take action on her behalf (my house had a flea infestation as well). It is common for me to create really confronting circumstances. My view on these circumstances are that I have been stubborn and refuse to listen to the quiet messages my soul sends me. Is there any other reason why I would continue to magnetise such “in your face” circumstances?
  7. Is it easier to follow a spiritual path when one is young? I struggle to let go of my entrenched habits and beliefs that I have had for many years (I am in my 50’s). I know I have gained a lot of wisdom through my life yet still resist change.


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