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Webcast with Louix – 16 Feb 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. Some people relate to You in a very devotional way that is quite similar to Hindu, or other religious beliefs, while others relate to You on a more personal level, as “just another guy.”  When I experience people relating to You in a casual way it brings up judgements and I feel as if they are disrespecting You in some way.  What should I do in that situation?  Are You being disrespected, or is this just my own judgement that I need to purge?  How does one respect You while maintaining a casual friendship with You?
  2. I have had this big perception that Mastery is always being calm and peaceful.  With full enlightenment is there only one emotion, or do we just manage our feelings better?
  3. I see my work colleagues struggling with their health and want to help them, but worry that I will offend them if I offer them advice.  How can I talk to them without them feeling like I am preaching to them?
  4. I have been to Your Darshan and seen people flip around and laugh.  They say it is a “shakti” experience.  What is shakti and what does it do?
  5. There have been lots of prophecies about 2012 being the end of the world.  What sort of challenges might we face this year, and what is the best way to face these challenges?
  6. During my time with you, I have had periods of experiencing fear when I was to meet with you.  When there wasn’t any formal meeting, all I felt was overwhelming love and bliss in your company.  The terror I experience seems to be coming from a fear that you are going to reveal some Truth about myself that I will then use to move into victim consciousness or self-condemnation.  Knowing this does not seem to change my experience, though.  What is the best way to clear these feelings of fear that arise?
  7. Recently I was serving others pretty joyously. In that state I was very connected to my intuition, and if someone asked me to do something, I was able to intuit how it was to be done.  A few days later I went into a place of fear and found myself cut off from my intuition. I made poor choices and seemed to sabotage everything I did (or tried to do). For something that is seemingly so easy (a change in attitude), why has this been so difficult for me? At times I haven’t even been aware that I’ve gone into a place of fear until I realized I was sabotaging something. How can I make the change before I sabotage something?
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