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Webcast with Louix – 15 Nov 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. Could you please explain what your upcoming event on 12.12.12 will be about?
  2. I am really struggling at the moment as I have manifested an electrical problem with my heart and I am hyperventilating often for long periods at a time.   This has been going on for some weeks now. I am caught in a cycle where my heart rate is elevated sometimes for days on end.  This is affecting my whole body. It is also feeding the breathing problem and the breathing problem then places further strain on the heart. This is generating a lot of fear and seems to be pushing all my emotions to the surface so that the smallest thing can set me off.  Some days I can hardly function. I am doing various breathing exercises given to me by a breathing specialist and it is interesting that I am finding it difficult to get the breath down into the abdomen (pranic breathing).  I understand that the short shallow breathing is about keeping me separate from God.  Not sure what the heart issue means. Can you advise me as to what is going on for me?  What issues do I need to look at or resolve?
  3. I work as a nanny one day per week, looking after a one-and-a half-year-old girl while the mother is at work. In the afternoons her two brothers, who are 4 years old and 6 years old, come home from kinder and school with their mother. I stay and help out at that time. I find it challenging at times if the 6-year-old boy starts playing “too rough” with his brother or sister. The mother has her way of dealing with these situations and I do not always know when to “speak up” or not. Can you give me some guidance on this?
  4. I have a very strong need for safety and find it quite difficult to open myself if I don’t feel safe. I feel scared that I may get hurt or that my vulnerability may be taken advantage of. How can I overcome these fears and let go of this need for safety and learn to trust? Your insights and assistance would be appreciated.
  5. One of my relatives is suffering from severe degenerative dementia, which started at the age of 53. One of her siblings, who is turning 60, is showing early signs as well. The illness can be traced back to my grandfather who started to show signs of dementia in his 60’s. Would you be able to provide some insights around dementia, e.g. why people choose dementia and what can be done to not go down the same path? Is there anything that can be done to heal dementia?
  6. What is seva?  How do I benefit from performing seva?
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