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Webcast with Louix – 8 Nov 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. How do we forgive when we have really been hurt?
  2. How do I create more miracles in my life?
  3. People say that happiness comes from within, but I do not feel that most of the time. How can I shift this within myself?
  4. How can I let go of the past, especially of the perceptions of myself that were ingrained into me during childhood and adolescence? For example, the terror I felt at even entering the room my father was in, let alone having to greet him, and possibly converse with him, has carried through til today and I at times feel too insecure to even greet people I either don’t know or don’t know very well, or who I perceive as being more accomplished or confident than me. These fears have had a great hold over me throughout life – how do I let them go and become confident and happy around other people? I do know that sometimes I need to cry to release emotions which have been long-suppressed.
  5. I have a friend or two on anti depressants and they have a hard time dealing with their emotions. Can You please give some insight into pro’s and con’s of taking such medication?
  6. In order to protect myself from negativities of various kinds I wear a Shree Yantra disc and a disc containing sacred geometry energies together as a pendant in front of my heart next to my skin. Does this prevent You, Pranananda, from accessing my heart chakra or does that alter/affect what you can read of my heart chakra vibrations?
  7. As my mother gets older she seems to be getting more and more negative. It’s like everything that is happening in her life is seen through a black cloud of negativity. Now I’m finding excuses not to visit her because I feel I have to listen to all the negative things about the people in her life and the world at large. Sometimes I have spoken up about someone she was condemning and told her all the positive things that I knew about this person. How do I deal with her and her negativity?
  8. After Your visit to Melbourne I started getting a sore throat, which later turned into a cold. This has now lasted for 5 weeks and I am aware that my body is being cleansed. I am currently coughing up quite a bit of mucus, which I can feel in my chest. Is there a deeper meaning to this cleansing?
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