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Webcast with Louix – 6 Dec 2012

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Questions Answered:

  1. I have heard You say many times that, “Complacency is the worst disease on the planet.” I see a lot of that–particularly with regard to academics–in the students I teach in an urban high school plagued by poverty, drugs, teen pregnancy, gangs, and violence. While I believe at the deepest level I am there to help bring more light and love into my students’ lives, it is also my earthly job to help teach them how to think mathematically. I would greatly appreciate any guidance You can offer in helping to address the complacency toward education I see in so many of my students.
  2. Is renouncing family life and worldly life necessary for God-realization?
  3. Why do people worship the Guru or Spiritual Master’s feet?
  4. I have met several Masters and have been given several different spiritual practices that I enjoy very much.  I feel drawn to Your teachings and would like to become more involved with You.  Do my existing spiritual practices conflict with Your teachings?  Would I have to give them up to live in Your ashram? What is the benefit of living in an ashram? How are your ashrams similar to or different from other ashrams?
  5. I am absolutely amazed at how intense this last part of the year has felt. Now, not only in the ashram but everywhere around me, especially at work, people are finding themselves in serious illness, losing jobs, losing money, and relationships breaking — mass change and upheaval. I feel very tired and very emotional experiencing all of this. It feels like there is nowhere to go to escape it all! I feel a total lack of control and certainty all around me. How can I best deal with this intensity so that I can be grounded and centered for others and for myself? Affirmations to let go and surrender have not been enough at this point.
  6. I want to have a closer relationship with You.  What are some ways that I can become more involved and spend more time with You?
  7. How do I recognize if I am being selfish or just taking care of myself?
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