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Webcast with Louix – 10 May 2018

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Louix begins with toning.

Questions Answered:

  1. I have always sabotaged relationships, and end up pushing men away. If everything is in Perfect Divine Order, should I just accept that I am protected from ‘wrong men’, or is this a case of ‘sour grapes’? It feels like a Catch 22, where I don’t know how to differentiate between ‘Perfect Divine Order’ and ‘I need to act for it to manifest’. The belief I grew up and am still surrounded by is, ‘If a man wants you, he can find you!’ How true is that in alignment with the Divine?
  2. Sometimes during chanting or meditation, your image (i.e. your face) fills me as it fills my mind or being, and it feels as though it has just sprung forth from within me, like it is “The Self”, my True God. It makes me feel as though the reality is “The Self”, and all the rest is but light and shadows emanating from it. That the “I” who I have taken myself to be is but a mirage, or a façade, and not real. Is there any truth to these experiences?
  3. Could You please explain some of the reasons why a person is bipolar. and what are some of the ways to help someone who has this?
  4. This year I have started to delve into my deeply buried emotional wounds. I make time to cry when I need to and have had regular counselling to expose my emotional wounds. I also exercise to channel my emotions. I know this is an area that many people avoid (including myself), and was wondering if you could elaborate on the benefits of purging negative emotions.
  5. I am currently pregnant and as I am single with two teenagers I don’t think I can keep the baby without them suffering. I also share a room with them as there is not much housing where I live. What would be your advice in this situation when choosing a couple to adopt the baby? I am also concerned about breast feeding as both of my other children had dairy intolerance and I am really not happy with the baby having to have formula. Is there a way to determine the best option for the baby?
  6. As I get older I find I am more forgiving and understanding of other people’s foibles, yet I still find it uncomfortable to hold others accountable. What is the best approach for me to change that?
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