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Webcast with Louix – 19 Apr 2018

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Louix begins with toning Oms.

Questions Answered:

  1. Dear Louix, I am a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and Australia. Whilst there is the beauty of having two cultures to draw upon, there is also the heartbreak of being away from the country of my birth (England), and also the animosity of people in the country I live in towards those born in the U.K. (granted there are those who admire the country I was born in as well). Please advise me how best to heal and love all of this. Thank You.
  2. I have a number of creative interests and have at times felt enormously frustrated when I haven’t expressed them. Sometimes life’s circumstances prevent me from expressing my creativity for a while, or even for a long time. That frustration and inner tension can spill over into the times when I do express myself. There can seem to be a lot going on emotionally just to play guitar or paint a picture! What do You suggest as a good way to approach and manage this?
  3. You revealed to me in a dream that you are my Satguru, and confirmed this in an email to me as well, so thank you. In a webcast I heard you state that the Satguru orchestrates the life of the disciple, plus everything that happens is always according to God’s will. I discovered Amma by watching your core teaching videos and since then have been initiated into mantra by her. I prayed super hard to you asking was it okay for me to love Amma, and chant mantra so I could  prepare to receive her darshan, which I recently did. It was so wonderful, and words do no justice.
    I’ve heard you say also that some masters send people to other masters to prepare them for their main master. Was sending me to Amma the work of your invisible hand?
  4. On one of your videos you mention divining methods such as gaining advice from your Guru, cards, I-ching  etc. I know that if the message becomes distorted by human consciousness to some degree, how do these cards and divining tools bypass the egoic distortion? Are they fool-proof, and if so which ones? I would love to eliminate all distorted messages until I become pure enough to hear exactly what spirit is actually telling and guiding me.
  5. I want God, truth, love, and joy, yet I am aware that I get pleasure from smoking pot. Part of me wants to quit pot, and then desire comes and I want to smoke it. I also constantly get new jobs but then I quit. There is clearly a part of me that chooses sense pleasure before God.
    Please help me. I rebelled at all things and I am at war with God, myself, the world, and life. I have arrogance,willfulness, and am alone and shut out from the world and other people.
  6. How many times do I need to reflect on a subject in self-reflection?
  7. How do I make friends after having had very few as an adult even though I had plenty of friends as a child. I feel so vulnerable trying to make friends on the internet and much prefer talking to God, expressing my love for God, and being intimate in my heart with God. Is that escapism?
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