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Webcast with Louix – 9 Dec 2010

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Questions Answered:

  1. How will I ever overcome the feeling of being separated from God?
  2. Can you please share about what You see in each of us when You are looking into our eyes—especially during an intense blessing such as Darshan?
  3. Over the years, as I have worked on healing myself of non-loving and inauthentic behaviors and beliefs, I have noticed corresponding changes in my family members and other people close to me. Can You please explain how this phenomenon occurs? Is what I am doing really affecting other people?
  4. Can You please speak about the effects of “smudging”, that is, burning oils like frankincense, or herbs like sage, to clear a person’s aura, or a room or building. I always feel much better after I use Frankincense to clear the space where I work and I do a simple prayer for God’s love to fill the space and transmute any negativity. My question is: Do old emotions accumulate around us and in rooms and how and why does this occur? Or does this practice serve to clear negative entities and energies from other realms?
  5. I find it difficult to stay centered and in my heart in the midst of conflict or adversity. Sometimes when I am in the role of mediator, I find it difficult to speak what I know God wants me to say, and not be influenced by my own reactions and projections. Could you please give me some guidance?
  6. What is the role of my spirit guides? Are any of them deceased relatives?
  7. Is hypnotherapy an effective and safe way to re-program the subconscious mind? Is this therapy something You would recommend in general or would that be determined on a case by case basis?
  8. What are the experiences and effects on a person’s body when one has the awakening of the Kundalini?
  9. I am aware that it is very important to allow my 16-year-old son to experience and have the journey he is choosing to go on. While I feel I have surrendered a great deal and learned a lot from this, as a mother, I inwardly still worry, and emotionally feel drained at times watching him go through a lot of sadness. There are times when I literally feel sick because I don’t know how to help him. Could You please give me some guidance as to how to move through wanting to protect him?
  10. I am a middle aged man who recently discovered that I am bisexual. I am married and do not plan to take another lover, yet I have never fully explored my sexuality. What are the possible physical and mental health consequences of not fully accepting myself and my sexuality.  Consequently, what are the gains for me to accept my feelings? I feel very scared and worried that I will be ostracized by my family and workmates if I “come out.”
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