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Webcast with Louix – 3 Apr 2014

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Questions Answered:

  1. My 4 year old boy, the other day said to me when we were discussing praying, giving thanks and talking to God, “Well mommy, God doesn’t talk back”.  I didn’t know how to answer that in a way he would understand and told him I would ask You!  I watched your last Webcast with Louix about how God communicates in different ways for different people and of course within our life circumstances. Do you have a simple way to explain this to my son?
  2. My sister has an uncommon and severe thyroid condition, and has a dangerously low white blood cell count which has greatly affected her immune system.  She is overweight, has bouts of depression and has spoken to me about suicide, although I do not feel she was serious about it.  Obviously she is unhappy, and I want to help her in any way that I can, but we live far apart and I am unsure as to how to help her.  When we see each other I give her as much love as I can, but I want to do more.  Can You recommend how I can better help her?
  3. My aging mother and father live in another country and both of my siblings and I have moved far away from them.  I am worried that they have no one to care for them and I feel very guilty.  I have begged them to move in with me but they have refused every time.  I don’t want to uproot my family and move back to be with them, but I feel very guilty knowing that they are all alone.  What should I do?
  4. In my time knowing You, in the stories You have told about Your training, I don’t recall ever hearing about how You transcended self-hatred (and don’t perceive that You had it in the way I do because Your life was far more ‘together’). I am going through a lot of deep self-hatred feelings and I would be so grateful to hear Your experience of this and how You transcended it.
  5. Over the last few years, I have been having very intense dreams where I am either trying to save myself or others from death/darkness, or I am extremely emotional; screaming at someone, hitting them. I actually dream a lot about strange things that I never think about: the zombie apocalypse, witches, killers, warlocks, spirits etc. these dreams could literally be turned into blockbuster movies (ones I would never choose to watch!), they are so intricate and detailed…but they don’t make for a very peaceful sleep. They are basically nightmares. Do You have any insight into why I dream like this, almost predominately? I do understand that I process a lot of anger, sadness, and fear in my dreams… But is there another reason? And /or anything I can do to change it? (I do ask You to come into my dreams almost every night and do fairly frequent merkabahs etc.)
  6. I have had anger and rage most of my life. As a young boy I would punch and kick holes in walls and doors, and this behavior continued into adulthood. While I can control my anger most of the time, every now and again I will still hit a wall or door. I have been easily angered in the past and feel I just need to let it out. I do have a punching bag but it doesn’t feel good or make me feel relief when punching it. I like something to break or smash to release that frustration, stress, and anger. I have two young children, and they see and hear all of it. I have taken it out on them by yelling, screaming, and forcing them to do things that I need them to do (i.e. get dressed, hair, bath, etc.). Sometimes I am able to take time out and calm down, and other times I just react, snap, and it comes out. I know anger is a sign that something needs to change, but I am unsure what I can change, because it is everyday life things that get me angry and stressed, like being late, or getting something done, and when it’s not on my time or what I want when I want it, I lose my mind. It’s not good for me and especially not good for my children to see. There is something in me that needs to change or be released, but I am stuck. I am seeing a counselor, energy healer, and talking to people, but the anger remains. I have been dealing with this for most of my life. It has gotten to the point where my children are yelling at each other and it is seen as the normal thing to do. I need help and don’t know where else to go or what else to do.
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