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Webcast with Louix – 17 Apr 2014

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Questions Answered:

  1. From time to time I experience overwhelming control issues to a point where I can feel my muscles tightening up, in particular around my neck, creating inflexibility and rigidity. Deep breathing, affirmations around trusting, letting go, and feeling safe, and chanting/singing are helpful to some extent, however there is a tendency for the tension to come back. What’s the best and quickest way to let go of these overwhelming control issues when they come up? Your assistance would be appreciated.
  2. When my friend and I hug each other it sometimes so happens, in particular after ashram events, that our hearts would, what I can best describe as “hook up with or into each other,” and we can both feel it in our heart chakras. It’s a bit like an energy exchange. I have no idea why this happens. Would You be able to give me some insights around this experience? Thank you.
  3. Many of my clients know that I have a spiritual name, which You revealed to me, and they often want to know what theirs is.  Several years ago, I saw You in a vision and asked You if I could have this ability to discern people’s spiritual names.  In the meeting, You responded by placing an energy in my crown chakra which gave me a feeling of bliss that I woke up with, but I still have not experienced being able to discern people’s spiritual names. I have gotten better at sometimes getting the names of people’s spiritual guides, even if I have never met them before, and sometimes I even get what some of their names were in past lives. My abilities in this regard do seem to be evolving. Why am I not perceiving peoples’ spiritual or higher Self names yet?  Do I have this ability but I just haven’t met a client under the right timing or circumstances yet, when such a revelation is permitted, or do I have this ability and I am just blocking myself because I don’t trust myself yet to get it right. I take delivering this kind of information very seriously and would never want to be inaccurate.  Or, has this ability just not landed yet?  In any case, what should I tell people that ask this of me in terms of why I am not able to provide this information when they see me bringing through so much other information from Spirit that is accurate and inspiring?
  4. I recently received an apology from a friend. It has continued to bother me because, while my friend apologized, it came with a lot of further discussion about why they did what they did and most of it was directed at me and what I did. In my mind this wasn’t an apology, or am I missing something here? I am also unsure why I drew this as it is not the first time this has happened, so am I too attached to getting apologies?
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