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Webcast with Louix – 20 Mar 2014

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Questions Answered:

  1. How can I be in meditative state even while working?
  2. My friend has just been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer on his bladder and has been told he will have to have his bladder removed. I have heard You speak in the past that issues of the bladder are to do with control issues in one’s life. Could You please offer some insight into how trying to control can lead to such an illness in the body, as well as some guidance on naturally healing the physical body of such a cancer. I believe my friend is still in some shock after hearing this news, and is not really yet sure yet whether he will follow his doctor’s guidance to have surgery and conventional cancer treatment, or choose a natural method of healing.
  3. My sister is an alcoholic and despite all our attempted interventions, pleading, reaching out, my parents spending tens of thousands of dollars on expensive rehab centers, several DUIs and more recently, incidents involving domestic violence and police with her boyfriend, she still even refuses to admit she is an alcoholic.  She has moved to another state and is by herself after her boyfriend left the state following the last incident where he ran in front of her car as she was trying to get away from him (that’s her version of the story) so is now in a legal mess involving the state.  We have all had to learn to let go.  My parents finally said ‘no’ when she asked for money for her legal fees as there is still no fundamental change in her behaviors and now she is angry at them.  I worry about her hurting herself or other people, especially since she has had several DUIs.  We understand that if she doesn’t want help or even acknowledge she is an alcoholic, there is not much else we can do aside from praying for her and reaching out to her to let her know we love her and are here for her.  I am sad that she isn’t a part of my boy’s lives as she is my only sister, I worry about her and others’ safety and lives and feel completely helpless.  Is there anything else we can or should be doing?
  4. A friend of mine betrayed my trust so badly that I just cannot remain friends with him.  I have a tremendous amount of pain in my heart and I cannot help but feel very angry towards him.  I want to be able to let it go and move on, but I just can’t seem to be able to. How can I forgive this person while still feeling so hurt?
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