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Webcast with Louix – 14 Feb 2013

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Questions Answered:

  1. What is the spiritual meaning of fires, especially bush fires. Here in Australia every year there are usually quite a few huge bush fires. What individually do I need to look at?
  2. Since coming back from Your Retreat, which for me was so so powerful and healing, I have been so busy with work and  also feeling a bit like a “fish out of water,” being around people who have experienced quite a lot of trauma after the bush fires near here. After a couple of days after returning home, I feel so tired and find myself sleeping very deeply during any downtime I have. I’ve never felt so tired like this before, could you please help me understand what is happening and what I need to do?
  3. My friend just had a miscarriage, and I was wondering why do people have miscarriages? What is the lesson to be learned from a miscarriage?  How can I console my friend through this loss and help her see the gift in this devastating circumstance?
  4. I have a hard time being grounded and following a schedule.  What can I do to improve this?
  5. Often times I feel really lazy.  When I feel like this, I don’t perform my tasks on time, I don’t keep my home clean, and it has often had negative effects on my job as well.  I know I shouldn’t act this way, but often times I just don’t care about life and can’t be bothered to get things done.  Can You help me understand why I pursue this behaviour when I know it isn’t good for me? What is the best way to change my laziness?
  6. I find it hard to look at the things in my past without judging myself. I know I should forgive myself, but I feel like without the judgement I wouldn’t be able to change and become a better person.  How do I avoid complacency, while not judging myself?
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