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Webcast with Louix – 8 Feb 2018

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Louix begins chanting Aums.

Questions Answered:

Louix begins with a silent energy transmission.

  1. I have a great passion for God which has driven a desire to do many years of spiritual practices. During this time I have also developed a passion for life, with the side effect being a passion for food, travel, love, and experiences in general. Is this increase in passion in general due to my personality or the spiritual practices I do?
  2. I wonder about priests and nuns who are celibate and do strong spiritual practices. Historically, at least in the Catholic tradition, there has been very little outlet for the passions generated from intense spiritual practice. I wonder is this a cause of physical and sexual abuse of others by clergy.
  3. I have been tithing to you for many years and have seen the benefits of it. I feel happy, my health is great, and even if I don’t have a lot of money, all the things I need to do I have money for. My concern is I now have no income as I am not working and have not been receiving any government benefits, so I have not been tithing. I have been giving time to serve in the spiritual community. Is there anything else I need to do to continue to create the abundance I receive from tithing?
  4. On fairly rare occasions I have experienced a voice in my head wanting me to harm a person I am with, when I am out and about with them. It seems very insistent and I have struggled to know what to do about this. Would this be considered a “dark entity” wanting to pull me away from the path of light and God connectedness? What can I do to move through this type of experience more easily? Thank You dearest Guruji for Your guidance.
  5. I have had a very strange emotional pain in a very specific point in my heart and have had signs that I should break up from my current partner. Since arriving back in Athens my partner and I live in separate houses. When I arrange to meet her the pain in my heart returns. We slept together recently and I couldn’t fall asleep.
    My partner has been really supportive and loving me through these experiences and I am reluctant to break up with her. What is the best course of action for me to take?
  6. I am currently solo parenting two teenage boys. I have seriously unstable financial issues as well as a housing problem. I live in a place I don’t enjoy, and when my kids are home from school there is no safe place for them to hang out so they end up inside and on technology a lot. Most importantly I find pot helps me to meditate better, go to work and enjoy it, and even before I go to the gym to help enjoy that. Should I just stop and deal with the negative mind frames I have, or carry on using pot to cope with my life? Thank you and sorry for being so useless at this point in my life but I seriously seem to need marijuana to cope with the stress of my life.
  7. In conversing with my inner child I was told by him that he wanted me to buy him a teddy bear. I promised to do that within the week and duly did do that. I went to a shop where I ended up buying a toy puppy dog. It felt so alive and real, like a living dog. I feel so happy with this puppy. Can You explain the importance of having a teddy bear?
  8. I am in the process of healing myself from sexual abuse as a child, and even as a baby. I am using the tools you gave me for this healing, and I call upon You for guidance and support. This is great work and I feel changes in me for the better for doing this. I see that so many people have also suffered this type of abuse. Is this an area where humanity can really make a big change for the better by focussing on healing these wounds? Can You comment on what is already going well in this regard?
  9. I have somebody in my life who often uses bad words in their vocabulary. Could you please explain what bad words do to us? I am thinking of breaking off the relationship with them if this language continues.
  10. I have, in the past and just recently, had situations where I have prayed for signs or dreams from God for certain questions in my life (like where to move) and either miss the response, or have not been getting any signs. At times I feel this is a test…like a rite of passage where I just have to let go and trust even when there are no “signs” or “proof” that God is listening. Or maybe I am asking the wrong questions…
    Will you help me understand what is going on? I thank you for your wisdom and guidance, Beloved.


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