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Webcast with Louix – 22 Feb 2018

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Louix begins the webcast with a toning exercise. He asked that everyone start with three slow, deep pranic breaths. He reminded everyone to stay in the silence after the toning, and to draw your inhalation from the “ball of energy” that has been created after the exercise.

  1. I have been told by a few different healers that I have inverted intentions–which means that when I pray for something or intend something I often get the opposite. Is this accurate? Can a person have inverted intentions? What do they do if this is the case
  2. Would you speak to everything being an aspect of love? What about demonic possessions or evil spirits? Can they all be healed through the power of love? Like, for example, your story about the demon that was holding you down in your bed, could that being be transformed through one seeing love in that being and choosing love instead of fear?
  3. There is something about the times we are now in, with the great and many changes that are occurring, that make it to me seem like it is a heroic journey to be living on planet Earth right now. I am aware of the wonder and miracles that abound, and I also feel extremely raw and vulnerable with the violence and fear erupting in the world. I wanted to ask you about this hero’s journey and what and how we are helping by being embodied at this time.
  4. I recently came through a strong transformative process and during that time changed some of my behaviours and a belief or two about myself. I feel great about myself from all of this. It did occur to me that I could have hundreds of these beliefs that I could change to can live an increasingly happier life. Do You concur that I could have hundreds of beliefs in my consciousness that are well worth changing?
  5. I sometimes wake up at night, unable to sleep because of emotions surfacing. I know this is a sign that I haven’t been sufficiently dealing with my emotions when they occur. I haven’t been aware how much of an impact something has on me until I realise later that it was effecting me. Would you be able to give me any advice on how to be more aware of present situations and their emotional impact on me so that I don’t have to deal with ‘dormant emotions’ during the night?
  6. Throughout my life I have had experiences where I will be doing, seeing, or saying things that are not considered ‘normal’. By that I mean I might ask a question that just everyone knows the answer to but I won’t, or I will think I am suddenly in a different location than I am and say so out loud in some sort of surprise. It can be amusing for others to witness this, and sometimes I too laugh in surprise. I wonder why this happens and ask for Your invaluable insight as well as to share this for a sense of relief.
  7. How powerful a role is imagination to have a healthy life? I remember as a child the wonder of imagination and would like to develop more of that again. How do we develop imagination as an adult?
  8. Last night there was a big picture of Shiva in the hall where I went to attend a celebration for Krishna’s birthday. Are you an incarnation of Shiva?
  9. I have a friend who wants to live with me who has a methamphetamine habit, and is also trying to sort his life out. I have two teenage sons who also live with me part time. I need help to pay rent and wonder if I should I let him stay. I worry that because he is a drug user he will rip me off and not pay his bills.
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