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Webcast with Louix – 7 May 2020

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Louix explains how pranic breathing opens one’s chakras and meridians to allow one to be more receptive. He then follows with a silent energy transmission of Divine current.

Questions Answered:

  1. Is the mind programmed with viruses and loops that keep it in the matrix (like in the movie of the same name)? Can one free oneself from the snares of the mind or does one need the aid of an enlightened teacher, Master, or Guru?
  2. I’m getting a grasp on how pervasive the effect of abandonment by my parents and carers has had on my life. It thus feels satisfying and encouraging to make any progress with healing those wounds. Does it always take time and effort to heal these types of wounds?
  3. I’d love to feel passionate and alive again. How best can I do that?
  4. In western science DNA is described as the chemical component of genetics, and controls the physical attributes of a person. Does DNA have a spiritual component such as recording past lives and life lessons? Also, can a person’s DNA be changed to accelerate spiritual evolution?
  5. Are some people meant to be more behind the scenes rather than in the “spotlight?” I’m asking because despite my efforts with attempting to inspire others, and making steps to manifest my message getting out there to many people, it appears very few people respond or are attracted to it. I am working on subconscious beliefs that may hinder progress in this area, and I am curious if God’s will for my life at this time is to be “behind the scenes” and celebrating success in less glamorous or public avenues. If so, why is it that a soul would ask for this experience in life?
  6. This feeling of not being good enough or doing enough keeps coming back. Where does it come from and will it ever end?
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