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Webcast with Louix – 6 Sep 2018

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Louix begins with a Waterfall Cleansing Technique.

Questions Answered:

  1. Dear Guru, Is there a daily regimen of vitamins and/or nutritional supplements You would recommend to maintain overall wellness, energy, and mental acuity? And if so what would it be? Do different adult age groups benefit from different supplements? In other words, would I provide my 18 year old with the same nutritional supplements that I would take for a basic daily regimen?
  2. Dear Louix, Sometimes I experience an overwhelming love for God that bursts my heart open, and I cry a feeling of overwhelming love for God. As this experience intensifies I sometimes experience a lot of heat in my body where I begin to sweat. Why do I experience this? Could you please clarify and expand on this experience for me.
  3. I heard the term self sabotage used in one of the recent webcast questions. I am not sure I understand what that means, can you please explain what self sabotage is? Can you also explain why someone would do this
  4. Dear Louix, Can you please tell me some key things that indicate when I am acting based on my ego’s desires, rather than God’s will for me? By way of example:  I recently received a job promotion by my employer to a full-time position, and as part of that, I was offered a home office. I accepted the offer very quickly and then moved into the new home within a few weeks. Everything seemed very graceful and serendipitous in how this offer and move came about, and at the same time, there has been a great amount of negative fallout as a result of my decisions and in particular HOW I went about making them. Is the test here just to make the most of my new situation and be grateful for the intense level of healing it is offering me, whilst getting honest about, and making amends for, the behaviours I exhibited during this transition?
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