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Webcast with Louix – 20 Sep 2018

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Louix begins with toning Oms.

Questions Answered:

  1. Years ago when I started my spiritual journey I would look at myself and ask, “Who am I?” I never really got an answer, and after a while the question fizzled out of my awareness. A few months ago I started asking myself this question again. I kept asking all day, I got past the physical: mother, sister, daughter, etc, and yes, I am a being of love and light… is that it? Is that all? Do I have a spiritual identity? By the end of the day I was in tears. I don’t really know who I am. Could You please tell me a way to discover this?
  2. What is your guidance on healthy levels of technology and game time for young people? I feel like my kids’ usage of devices is out of control. They seem to spend too much time on devices and could be experiencing other things. It’s pretty hard to stop it without whinging at them constantly. How do I set healthy boundaries and keep the peace in the house?
  3. Sometimes I feel so enveloped in God’s love that I can barely communicate in words to others. And if I were to speak about my experience, the words wouldn’t even come close to conveying the meaning or depth of feeling. It’s almost a feeling of loneliness, yet also a feeling of saturated bliss. Do You ever feel this way with Your experiences of God’s love?
  4. Dear Louix, my six-year-old daughter exhibits a very high level of confidence for her age when out in public trying new things, and with other people; yet at home, she often displays fear and lack of confidence in many simple things, like going to the toilet by herself, or being in a room by herself, and wants me constantly by her side. She has no issues sleeping in her own room, which is a big change for her, but during the day when we are together, she has a tendency to cling to me, seemingly in fear? Can You please give me insight into why that may be?
  5. I have been suffering from a bit of anxiety lately about “how I am going to get it all done.” I am a single mother solely responsible for my daughter, with full time employment, and volunteer work, and I am responsible for all the cooking, cleaning, and housework. I am finding it hard to fit everything in and have had little time for relaxation, “Me time,” and also quality time with my daughter. I need to do something different! I have been feeling that I have to just let some things go and prioritize in every moment – “What is God asking of me now.” Sometimes, it may be that I just don’t do the washing or don’t make the beds, and instead play with and connect with my daughter? Is the litmus test that if things feel graceful and easy that I am in alignment with God’s will, and if things feel challenging and I feel riddled with anxiety that I am not in alignment?
  6. I have been doing my spiritual practices for many years, and have had to face many occasions where I seemly self-sabotage my journey, even though I have put many hours and effort into doing my spiritual practices. In my case this sabotage comes up when I have begun to unravel my deeply buried, repressed emotions. Is this common for spiritual seekers and how best can I deal with this issue?
  7. I have been trying to move out of the city for well over a year now but have not had success. I get depressed and panicked at the prospect of summer in the city as I have teenagers and now a baby. My older two like to surf, but the waves are over an hour away, and I cannot afford the petrol to get there very often. I know I sound quite spoilt as we are used to living on the coast with easy access to the ocean. I live in a two bedroom flat next to a highway and my children end up on technology most of the day. When I attempt to stop this there are arguments, and in reality there is not a lot else to do as activities cost money which I don’t have. How do I know what the best thing for my children is, and am I best to just accept this is how it is? It is very distressing watching my children sit inside on technology when I know they would rather be doing something else, and I know it is actually ruining their brains while they do it. What should I do, should I look to move to a less popular area and start again?
  8. Do you need to be baptized as an adult to get into heaven?


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