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Webcast with Louix – 6 Dec 2018


Louix begins the webcast with 21 Oms.

Questions Answered:

  1. I love stories of your experiences.  Can you tell me more about some of the physical healings you went through?  For instance, how did you heal your broken neck?
  2. I have always prayed that no one in our family starts taking drugs. Can prayers help protect those we love from taking drugs? If so what should we say, do, or ask for? Also, how can we help people already taking drugs?
  3. My mother passed away recently from cancer, and it was a long and painful passing. She had a lot of friends who were not there for her in the end, and she suffered greatly at the nursing home. She seemed to spend her last days finding solace in a picture of her parents, and not much comfort in her family as we often did not get on. Is there any way to heal and or clear the trauma of the horrible things that were said so they don’t affect my children? That the ugly things from the past do not affect them as a lot of the negative stuff seems to be repeating in each generation.  For example, I find my relationship with my son has some of the similarities that I had with my mother. Is there some prayer or healing I can do?
  4. Being a nanny I have worked with many mothers that have had trouble with exhaustion, and with knowing how to nurture themselves (or they do not feel they have the time) while still caring for their young children or babies. Could you please give some techniques and advice to help them better cope or overcome this issue?
  5. I notice that I have a lot of support around me. I realise I didn’t recognise that support or reach out for help because, from earlier experiences in my life, I did not believe that support would be forthcoming. I feel I have turned a corner in my life. How remarkable, and I feel I have incrementally edged towards this breakthrough. Thank You because I have applied lots of Your teachings and draw upon my faith in You.
  6. One of the new age authors I used to listen to a lot has become a full-blown Christian and now says that she had been following the wrong Jesus. She has been renouncing a lot of her past teachings. Have I been doing the same? I am not a practising Christian but I believe in Christ and feel close to him. Am I mistaken, and how do I know if I have been following God’s will?
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