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Webcast with Louix – 15 Nov 2018


Louix begins with a “Violet Flame Chakra Cleansing” meditation.

Questions Answered:

  1. My belief is when one is trying to accomplish something the wisest course of action is to offer our desires to God so they can be refined or adjusted to align with God’s will. I Have heard many lines of thought that we should not exercise our will to change our conditions, less we interfere with God’s plan. But without using will power wouldn’t we become a mortal Man? Before any act or any manifestation to occur does it not take some level of will power, whether on pursues to build an empire, or to do something as little as put one’s hand up. So is not will power what makes us Divine? Surely it takes a tremendous amount of will power determination and persistence on a spiritual path to fully realize God. Should one learn ways and practice to strengthen one’s will power?
  2. Can you please clarify what the term “healing” means? Is it only spiritual people who are healing and what does that mean? Not everyone is sick!!! Most people I know don’t use that term so maybe not everyone needs this healing?
  3. I have friends with teenage children, who at times have been in a lot of trouble by being angry, doing drugs, or just getting in trouble with the law. What sort of circumstance would warrant a teenager/young adult being asked to move out of the family home?
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