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Webcast with Louix – 5 Oct 2017

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Louix begins the webcast with a Toning meditation.

  1. My children are not happy. Their father lives in another country and can’t come here to see them. What is the best that thing for me to do for them? I know it is my fault things are hard for them now, but I can’t change the circumstances.
  2. I am curious about the different eras of humanity. Have there been times in the past when there has been greater harmony amongst people than there is now? Sometimes I feel past life memories when I have lived in times of great harmony and unity. Perhaps that was just my life experience, not large sections of the population.
  3. How can I further heal the grief and loss I feel over the end of a long-term love relationship? I feel like I have not been able to move on with my life. I also feel that I have had a tendency to take myself, and life, too seriously. I look with wonder – and I admit some envy – at others who are able to be more lighthearted. How can I bring more joy into my life? How do I love without attachment?
  4. Some time ago I changed from full-time employment to part-time employment with some contracted work. As a contractor I initially had quite regular work but now the amount of work has decreased. I really struggle with the irregularity and the reduced amount of work is also impacting my financial situation. Whilst I can identify desires of no longer wanting to work so ‘hard’, a desire for a break and to do something more enjoyable (that doesn’t necessarily produce an income), I know that my desires are not realistic and I still have to earn a living. If there is any advice or insight you can give me about my current situation that would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I very often have dreams that I consider very dark, dreams that scare me. They are very vivid and emotive dreams, and often feel very real. Sometimes it takes a day for me to shake the feeling they leave me with. Oftentimes I am fighting against evil, whether it be a killer or an entity, and I am either trying to save others or trying to save myself from these situations. Sometimes I have magical powers, and other times I am running and hiding, or I am attacking them back. Can You please give me insight into why I so frequently dream of such dark situations (They are like movies I would never choose to watch in real life!), and what I can be doing differently to integrate the fear or darkness in myself so I don’t have to have nights like this so often.
  6. Dearest Guruji, I am coming upon the end of a position at work in which I have nurtured two little girls since birth as their nanny. The first daughter will be 4 and a 1/2 and the second will be one month shy of 3 years old at the time my employment ends. I just started talking about it with them by creating excitement that they will get to be with their Daddy all day and I won’t need to come and take care of them anymore, but that we will always be friends and they can come over to my house and play sometimes after I stop working for their Dads (they have two of them who are a lovely gay couple).
    I was wondering how to make this transition easy and how I can continue to be involved in their lives. I don’t plan on disappearing yet I also don’t plan on making a commitment to have a regular play schedule with them. I just want to be in flow. Please can you share some ideas of how I can help these two little angel’s feel completely loved as I transition from a caretaker to a friend.  I also don’t want to trap myself into any kind of entanglement where I adopt a false sense of responsibility to them, yet not cut the ties with them after ending my employment.
  7. I am a woman and have recently started reading a book about how men think while in a relationship. My first reaction to the book is that it seems filled with stereotypes that make men sound very simple (basic needs, inability to love the way women do, need to be a protector and make a name for themselves, need sex or will run off with someone else). I know that we have all incarnated as both men or women numerous times and therefore I find it hard to believe men and women can be so different (being that we are Souls, in essence). Can You please give me insight into this topic from a Divine perspective?
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