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Webcast with Louix – 19 Oct 2017

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Louix begins with a short guided meditation.

  1. I sometimes feel that I have to work ‘extra hard’ to make up for the money I tithe. Could you please give me some advise on how to transcend that belief?
  2. Could you please explain how tithing works when running a business that doesn’t pay a salary? What would you base your tithe on? Thank you.
  3. I have a 12 months of age baby and find myself sometimes getting very anxious, particularly if I feel like I cannot keep my baby happy all the time. I usually cannot bear the sound of a baby crying. Fortunately, my baby rarely cries but sometimes I am on edge looking to keep him happy. I imagine this has something to do with control and also not wanting to cry/feel pain myself. Additionally, my mother was very anxious when I was a young child, and I recall imploring her not to worry as it did not help. Now I feel I worry as much and as unnecessarily as my mother once did. Can you please offer some guidance to help me be more relaxed every day. Thank You.
  4. Can You please give guidance on how to relate to babies and young children in a way that will help them feel safe, secure, and confident in their relationship with us as parents or caregivers, and in life generally. I have noticed some people have an authoritarian attitude, which I feel isn’t in the best interest of a child, while I struggle to be assertive at times when that approach is needed.
  5. Could You please give guidance on what is the best amount of screen time for very young children. Is there an appropriate age at which to introduce screen time?  And also, how can we best counter the effects of radiation from devices and computers in the home for our children?


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