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Webcast with Louix – 5 Jul 2018

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Louix begins with a tonal cleansing and grounding exercise.

Questions Answered:

  1. I have been suspended from work because I had an argument with my boss. I was also unhappy at my job. It is unfair and frustrating, and my pay rate was low. I worked at an organics shop and in my opinion the business was run badly. Should I have kept quiet about what I saw, as I felt it was unfair and wrong? Should I have been grateful for the job (as I could have had worse)? Do I have expectations that are too high and unrealistic? I am not sure what to do to improve my situation, and am hoping you could give me some guidance as to what best to do, or even a perspective that would help me to enjoy my job.
  2. What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? How do these benefit (and or hinder) spiritual growth?
  3. I have struggled to be grounded and “in the moment”. What are some tools I can use to help me be present to what is going on around me?
  4. I just saw the movie “The Revenant,” and it left huge impact on my consciousness. Have you seen it yet, and if so, what are some divine lessons and messages that you could highlight from it?
  5. In the past I was self-condemning and even violent towards myself even though I abhorred hurting other people. What do You think of people hurting themselves in thought, word, or deed?
  6. There are so many jobs continuing to be taken over by machines which is leaving a lot of people at least temporarily unemployed. Can you see a lot of new types of employment being created?
  7. I am experiencing a sore area on my lower left back. Can You please guide and share with me (and others) what a sore back means, and what I can do next to help me to heal myself as I feel the need to get to the core of this issue. I got the all clear from my local doctor after having an x-ray done of my spine. I am also having fortnightly counselling sessions.
  8. When a child is growing up and has experienced terror momentarily through some authoritative figure, does a natural distrust happen in the child’s consciousness? Does that distrust eventually create anger and rage, and cause that child to grow up into the kind of person who has a chip on his, or her shoulder? Would the child become a person who is angry, defiant, intense, and even arrogant?
  9. I notice that when I talk about (or even think about) my mother, or my wife, I am very happy to expound their stinging and abrasive personalities, and their courage, yet I feel awkward talking about their vulnerabilities. For myself it’s almost the opposite, where my vulnerabilities are freely considered and strengths less readily acknowledged. What could be the reason for that?
  10. I did a job interview today which went very well. I was also extremely honest and vulnerable during the interview and nearly cried during it (afterwards I had a big cry in the car). Why would being so honest about myself cause me to be so emotional?
  11. In the past year I have had my “colours done” by a stylist. I now feel much more confident in the way I dress, and the way I appear to myself and others. I also know I look much more attractive as I have received a lot of positive attention since seeing the stylist. Would you please elaborate on the benefits of dressing to harmonise with your true nature.
  12. I know you have done many videos and discourses on healing the inner child, and they are brilliant. I have been astounded by them, truly I know they give a voice to the inner child. Can your inner child be healed just by becoming playful in everyday life, by being in awe and wonderment of the mystery of God and this Earth-School, and by committing oneself to have fun playing actual games, sports games, board games and being silly and imaginative? Or do you have to talk and communicate and reparent your own inner child consciously?
  13. My best friend passed away recently and I have been struggling to manage the enormous amount of grief from this. I know you commune regularly with your son, who passed away quite a while ago. What is the best way to continue to commune with our loved ones who have passed over? How do I keep my friend in my life? How do I do this also by allowing my grief to be expressed without going overboard into despair?
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