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Webcast with Louix – 21 Jun 2018

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Louix begin with toning.

  1. I have been wondering about the significant steps that occur for one’s emotional healing. It took me many years to even accept that I was angry towards my parents, let alone start to transmute that emotion. I have continued to work on letting go of buried emotion and have become aware of the moment of separation from God, that it was I who left God and that God was always there for me. There is still a huge amount of emotion there for me to process. Letting go of anger at my parents, and separation from God are two issues that spiritual seekers would need to face. Are there any more generalised issues that most people would face when they choose to delve deep into their psyche to heal themselves?
  2. In the newspapers I have been reading about the decline of insect populations all over the world. Scientists link this to climate change, and how the difference in climate has interrupted breeding cycles. Another factor is the impact of the widespread use of pesticides in agriculture, and how this also affects the ability of insects to breed. Scientists already are concerned about the long term effects of the loss of many insects in the population, as this affects the food chain and the ability of the birds and animals who feed on insects the ability to survive. Is this decline of insects a precursor to a large natural disaster?
  3. Is it possible to be scared of someone we love? Does love bring up fears and if so, why? Recently I became so anxious around a person I love, and it has been really difficult to be myself around them. Can you please shed some light onto this dynamic?
  4. I have heard that You have a process of taking people across when they have “passed over” Could You please share that process with us?
  5. Often I find I am high as a kite during meditations. I think that is pretty cool that we can get to have these Divine highs with no drugs or booze required. What is the point of these ecstatic experiences other than the sheer joy of them?
  6. I am having difficulty knowing who to trust. Recently I had a lot of friends rip me off, and steal things from my kids. This indicates I am letting the wrong people into my life, but I am now not sure how to tell who to trust and who not to, who are my real friends and who are not? Also if someone continually lets you down do you just decide to no longer have that person in your life? What if this person is family, or a child? Do you just keep on trying or set boundaries or what?  
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