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Webcast with Louix – 4 Apr 2019

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Louix does a silent energy transmission. (30 mins)

Questions Answered:

  1. I have been lacking in energy and feeling tired more frequently than normal. In Your experience, what are some of the main causes for one to experience lack of energy/tiredness?
  2. Is it possible to reach enlightenment in my lifetime considering I am 41 and pretty ill disciplined at the moment with my bad habits?
  3. Generally speaking, what are the root causes of misery and depression in most people?
  4. Are there any benefits to fasting just one day a week?
  5. Dear Guruji, I would be honored to have your insight and advice on a personal, sensitive matter. At times I have had severe migraines triggered with orgasm—especially when lovemaking is prolonged or extremely intimate. I experience numbness and loss of feeling on the left side of my body, especially my hand, arm, and face. And then the more common symptoms ensue. I experience this even when I say the mantra, “I am safe and open to receive this love” and after actively working with therapists on this issue to release and process past traumas, experiences, and energies related to this. However, even with this progress, I just recently experienced this situation again. I try to not let it create fear of engaging in sexual intimacy, but in the past it has created anxiety over engaging in sexual intimacy at all. I know you mention that migraines generally occur as a result of deep resistance. Could this resistance be subconscious even when I do my best to be in the moment, to relax, and to receive? If so, are there any suggestions, insights, or mantras you can offer me on this issue? I know situations or conditions do not leave us until we “get the message” or “get the lesson,” so your counsel is so appreciated, as having this experience over and over is extremely taxing and stressful.
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