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Webcast with Louix – 21 Mar 2019

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Louix begins with a “Grounding Chakra Meditation.”

Questions Answered:

  1. I’ve been hearing a lot of the benefits of barefoot walking. Does spending time in nature with shoes on have the same benefits? I’m only asking as I received a large thorn in my foot when I was working in the garden with bare feet!!!
  2. For those of us in both the Orthodox and Roman Catholic faith, Holy Communion is understood to be the literal Body and Blood of CHRIST. Partaking in this Sacrament on a weekly basis at the very least is seen as being essential to one’s spiritual development. Does the fact that one participates in this mystery on a weekly basis, if not daily, accelerate the process of Self-realization?
  3. I feel frustrated by a divine paradox. As seekers, we try to experience oneness with God or experience the magic and wonder of God, yet the very thought of “trying” creates a “not-haveness” that then creates the experience of just that—not having. If the truth is that you get there by “being” there—by knowing you already are that—how do we create this knowing?I try to believe I am that…I am there, but I still feel on some level I’m trying to make it happen. If it’s about simple awareness of the truth that I already am that, then how do I move more into that experience of that truth. I apologize if this is confusing. I’m confused myself.
  4. What advice would You have given yourself in the past when You had your healing/counseling/massage practice? What would have saved You time, and aided You in Your forward momentum towards enlightenment and who You have become today?
  5. Recently, I purchased healing supplies online from an individual who I have purchased from before. This person had recently fallen on hard times. We had amicably agreed on what he would mail me specifically, and I sent payment. He sat on my money for almost a month, did not send the package, and ignored my messages. When he did finally send the package (from California to my home address) he excluded the most expensive and important item. I kindly informed him that I was missing the item and if he could please send it. He refused, saying regardless of what we agreed on before, he decided I received enough for my money and that he did not rip me off.
    My question is, what, if anything, is my recourse? Being a doormat is not a loving behavior to either of us. If I leave negative comments online it feels like wrath to me and I would be ruining his reputation. He is refusing to message me back. It’s important to note here that I was kind and understanding during this process, and his personality only changed once he received my money.
  6. What do You think You would have chosen for Your life and where do You think You would be, if You didn’t choose to walk with God the way that You do?
  7. Please could you explain the steps necessary in order to create Prasad and also the spiritual significance of it?
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