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Webcast with Louix – 3 Aug 2017

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Louix begins with a prayer to humanity.

Questions Answered:

  1. I did want to share some hope with those who come to You for solace and guidance. I called on You closely during recent times to help me move from long term unemployment into full time employment. Further to that I am now preparing myself for part time study as well. I wanted to let people know it is possible to move forward in life by a combination of our own efforts and by the loving guidance and grace of a Master such as You (and You are also my beloved Guru). Thank You with all my heart.
  2. For many years, if not most of my life, I lived in deep depression. I have learnt to let go of enough of it now to live with an optimistic frame of mind. Can You explain the roots of depression in general, and in my own case in particular.
  3. How can one best overcome shyness?
  4. I found my way to You without having much connection to my biological family. Perhaps their absence from my life helped me find you. I am wondering, now that I have made a life for myself with You and God, is it worth my while to connect with them now?
  5. It seems that when I am listening to one of your guided meditations (or any for that matter) I start out focused and somewhere along the line I just ‘zone out’. In the most recent meditation  when I come back to what was being said I found myself back in the merkabah and totally missed the healing retreat in the meditation!! Even though I zone out am I still taking it in on an unconscious level? Is this “zoning out” a form of resistance or am I simply going deeper?
  6. At the New Year’s Eve retreat You had us list all of our hidden agendas. That exercise in and of itself was very revealing. Is there more that You can share with us about where to go from there. Once we have identified our hidden agendas, what can we do about them?
  7. Can you please explain the importance of “owning our own shadow side?”
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